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  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

    Business Opportunity

    This Non-Disclosure Agreement is made between Transition Elite and the undersigned.

    WHEREAS, Transitions Elite, a consulting firm engaged in the business of assisting veterinarian professionals in purchasing and selling practices and arranging for associateships, partnerships, and other practice related programs; and

    WHEREAS, both parties, in order to evaluate an opportunity to sell/purchase a practice, must be informed of certain confidential information regarding the practices for purpose of evaluation.

    NOW, THEREFORE, the both parties agree not to disclose the name or circumstances of any parties introduced to the undersigned or by Transitions Elite for consideration of any practice opportunity.

    Both Parties agree that all information provided by the Undersigned and by Transitions Elite is confidential and agree not to disclose to anyone or make copies of any of the information, ideas, procedures, practice opportunities, programs, concepts, contract and/or other data conveyed and entrusted to both parties without the prior written consent of Transitions Elite and/or the Undersigned.

    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, each party has executed this Agreement on the day and year written below.