People matter

our story

Transitions Elite was founded by Dr. Warren, who saw a mismatch between the financial sophistication of practice buyers compared with the inexperience of Practice Owner sellers.


This inequity of experience often led to Practice Owners receiving less than ideal outcomes for the very practice that they had worked so hard to build.


After working in his family's small business since the age of 5, and seeing how hard it was to build an independent business, the thought of Practice Owners not receiving their full deserving amount for their practice really fired Dr. Warren up!


Dr. Warren's reputation for innovation and his passion to support Practice Owners has enabled him to assemble an experienced team of practice and financial experts, who work with Practice Owners to manage every aspect of the selling process.


This combination of Dr. Warren's innovative strategies, excellent people, and the unique Transitions Elite Selling Process™, has resulted in significantly improved outcomes for Transitions Elite clients compared with trying to sell their practice on their own.


This is why Transitions Elite is recognized as one of the top transitions advisors in the professional practice industry.

If you are a Practice Owner who is even thinking about selling, we should jump on a brief call, as we will share with you the entire landscape of the best buyers and strategize with you on who would be a great potential fit for your purchasing your practice.


Let's make sure one of the largest transactions of your life is a great experience...together!