The Team


Dr. Warren

Dr. Warren is the Founder and passionate innovator behind Transitions Elite. Inspired by the tremendous impact Transitions Elite has for on private Practice Owners, Dr. Warren is on a mission to ensure that every Practice Owner is aware of the Elite Selling System™ and how to realize the full value of their lifetime of hard work (as often millions are left “on th table”).

As Dr. Warren puts it “If you are a Practice Owner, you need to 100% speak with Tom, as Tom will share with you not only your options, but also the most important strategies and tactics to realize the full value of your practice. Tom is a master of his craft, and has a true gift of enabling Practice Owners to achieve amazing outcomes.”

In addition, Dr. Warren spearheads the social contribution of the organization which has become a cornerstone of the Transitions Elite mission and culture.



Melani is the Practice Growth Advisor at Transitions Elite and has been coaching independent practice owners for years. Over the past decade, she has helped hundreds of clients create strategic plans to thrive alongside the larger, corporate practices in their local communities and ultimately plan for their futures.

Melani understands that the goal of every owner is to help as many patients as possible while simultaneously growing a profitable, well-run practice. Her passion lies in diagnosing opportunities and helping owners develop the best possible plan to achieve their personal and financial goals.



Tom is the Senior Transitions Manager at Transitions Elite and specializes in process advisory services with a singular goal: leave no stone unturned in obtaining the very best value for your practice through superior preparation, long-standing buy-side relationships, and flawless execution. Prior to working with small businesses, Tom has broad experience in investment banking, with a focus on mergers and acquisitions on complex financings.



Angie is the Administrative Manager at Transitions Elite and is responsible for the management of workflow throughout all departments and to ensure the smooth running of the business. Angie’s super power is paying attention to details and using her critical thinking to identify and solve problems, which has greatly contributed to the success of Transitions Elite.



Arjun works as an Inbound Marketer at Transitions Elite and is responsible for creating, managing, and executing multi-channel marketing campaigns that leverage SEO, social media, content, inbound marketing, email campaigns, and webinars to grow customer acquisition.